After a pre season practise session Dan and the Q44 Comstar Internet Sprintcar Team headed to Archerfield Speedway on saturday the 4th of October for the season opening round. With 26 cars nominated the drivers briefing and engine starts were completed with Dan drawing group 5 for time trials and with a good lap of 12.271, Dan was placed 12th at the completion of time trials. Dans first heat saw him start from position four and at the completion of the 10 lap journey he took the chequered flag in position 5. His second heat saw him start and finish in position 4, earning a transfer directly in to opening A main feature for the season. Starting out of  13  Dan picked up  positions during the A main and on a track that was going slick he finished the 30 lap feature in 10th position. With the car both running and performing really well, and after a solid opening round the team is now looking foward to round two of the season at Archerfield Speedway on Saturday the 18th of October. If you are in the pits after the meeting stop by and say hi.


Round two of the Supercheap Auto Sprintcar Track Championship was staged at Archerfield Speedway on Saturday the 18th October. Dan drew group two for the time trials and set a time of 12.093. Dans first heat saw him start and finish in 4th position.  With the track starting to go slick he started his second heat once again from 4th position and during the 10 lap journey dropped one spot to finish in 5th position. With a good tally of points, Dan transfered straight into the A main to start in 11th position. Unfortunatly during engine starts for the A main Dan was concerned the car didn’t feel right and made the decision to start from the rear of the field  and not impede anyone. Dan was able to complete the 30 lap feature and finish in 13th place. Dan and the Comstar team will be back at Archerfield this weekend Saturday 1st November for the third round of the series. If you are in the pits stop by and say hi….


There are two numbers in sprintcar racing, 15 and 19  that are not every ones favorite. Round three of the Supercheap auto Sprintcar Track championship on Saturday  1st November saw Dan and the number 15 keep good company all night. A time of 12.184 in time trials saw Dan 15th in points. Dans first heat saw him start from position three and after the 10 lap journey he finished in fourth position and 15th in points.In  Dans second heat  he started out of position three and once again finished in fourth position, 15th in points. Position 15 means pole in the B Main and after a tough run with the brakes glowing, Dan held on to fouth place with got him into the A Main for position 18. As you can see 19 is the number which misses the A Main and that is the number you dont want . The car was set up to run the high line in the A Main and both Dan and the car were running beautifull aroung the top until a clash of wheels along the front straight with Brent Kratzman cut the left rear giving Dan no other option than to pull infield and retire the car. Not the best way to end the night but on a positive note the car was running really well so bring on round four on Saturday the 15th November at Archerfield. Dont forget if you are in the pits , stop by and say hi.


November 29th will see Dan and the Comstar Internet Sprintcar Team head to Archerfield for Round five of the Super Cheap Auto Sprintcar Track Championship. Dans results of the previous meeting held on Saturday the 15th November were time trial 12.486, 17th quickest. Dans first heat saw him start from position three and finish in position six. His second heat saw a start and finish in position two so the B Main awaited. With a start from position two, after 15 laps on a challenging track surface he took the chequered flag in third position. This was good enough to transfer into the A Main feature race for the night from position 17. With the track slick and remaing a challenge, the car was set up to run high on the track and after 30 tough laps Dan had gained a couple of places and finished in 15th place. With a strong car count round five will be another big night of Sprintcar action so if you are in the pits stop by and say hi!!!..


Saturday 13th December is race day for round six of the Super Cheap Auto Sprintcar Track Championship at Archerfield Speedway. The weather  is overcast and we have fingers crossed for no rain. Round five produced very promising results for Dan and the team starting with a time trial lap of 12.743 sec which placed Dan 12th in the points to start the night. In both of his heats Dan started from position five and finished both heats in position four. The two good consistant runs saw Dan advance straight into the nights A Main feature out of position 11. On a challenging track and with some very spirited racing in the early laps  Dan completed the 30 lap feature in 8th place.  With a very healthy nomination list for tonight we look foward to some great racing so rain rain stay away and we will see you in the pits..


As we catch up on a few results i hope everyone had a great christmas and Dan and the team wish you a happy new year. We hope 2015 is a great year for all. A couple of meetings have taken place since our last post. Saturday the 13th December was round six of the Supercheap Auto Sprintcar Track Championship. After drawing group two for time trials Dan put down a time of 11.870 which was 14th fastest of the night. After a tangle with Jamie Bricknell in his first heat and having to restart at the rear of the field the best Dan could finish was 9th position. On a track that was getting very slick he produced a good drive in his second heat to finish second position. Unfortunatly this was just outside the top 14 so it was off the the B main for the chance to make the feature. The track was now slick slick and after losing a position and dropping back to fifth Dan put in some great laps on the high line and with a few laps to go went for a pass in turn three which just didnt quite come off and unfortunatly a spin was the end result. With a restart from the back of the field and only the top four cars going to the A main that was it for the night. Although not the result everyone was looking for  the car was running really well on the slick track.

The next meeting was round seven of the Supercheap Auto Sprintcar Track Championship on boxing day with World of Outlaws champion Donny Schatz in the field. Dan drew group five for time trials and with a time of 13.056 for 18th position. Dans first heat did not go to plan after a tangle with a slower car sent him into a spin and tumble up and over. With damage to both the top and front wing and a broken rear shock he was able to restart the car and finish the heat in 10th position. After some running repairs Dans next heat saw better fortune with good hard drive to take the chequered flag in first position ahead of a fast finishing Andrew Scheuerle. Once again this was not quite enough to make the top 14 so on to the B main to try and make it to the feature race.  A third position in the B main was good enough to qualify for the nights feature race but not before some more running repairs to another damaged front wing. With a somewhat patched up car Dan started the 35 lap A main in position 17, was able to keep out of most the the trouble and drove a fantastic race to finish in a well deserved seventh place. The car looked a little worse for wear but both Dan and the team hung in there and got a great result.

After a rain out on the 27th december we head to Archerfield for the new years day meeting . We look foward to see you all there and look out for Q44 in the New Year…..