A little about me : Very little, in fact… more to come.

Birthday  : a well kept secret.

Favorite drink : Dr. Pepper

Favorite Food : Any kind of chicken curry with rice… lots of rice.

Hobbies other than racing : Mountaineering, Spectator Sports, Road-trips.

Favorite Movie : Cidade de Deus

Favorite Band : The Grates

Pets : Do domesticated housemates count?

Best moments in motorsport :

3rd place finishes at Queensland Formula 500 Titles, Mackay 2003 and Townsville 2005.
Archerfeild 2007 – Passing American stars Donny Schatz and Jason Johnson in the same World Series heat race.

Worst moments in motorsport :

Gatton 1999 – Destroying my engine in my first Minisprint feature race. How embarrassment.
Tamworth 2004 – Being taken out by a slower competitor while otherwise on my way to winning the NSW State Formula 500 title.
Archerfield 2008 – Ambulance ride to QEII Hospital suffering concussion after horrific crash in A-main.